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Salt Lake City 2012 Parade Banner

July 8 - 14, 2012

Photos from Parade have been organized in two ways. First is a set of thumbnails by the photography team. Click on the individual photos to see that one larger on the Flickr site. Click on the event NAME to see all the available photo thumbnails from that event.

Below those photo groupings are links to individual photographers' personal sites. All photos are available for free downloading.


Gimmick Rally
Goodie Store
Hospitality & Check In
Ice Cream Social

Kids Autocross
Michelin Drive and Compare
Parade 101
Porsche Corral
RC Cars
Tech Academy
Tech Quiz

Alpine Tour

Miller Tour
Nish Speed Shop Tour
Rennsport Tour
TSD Rally
T-Shirt Contest
Volunteer Worker Party
Welcome Party

Thanks to all the wonderful Parade photographers. We invite you to download their images as you wish. If you choose to use them in your printed publications, please be mindful of giving full photo credits to them (Check the file properties for available information). Some of the sites below offer printed copies of the photos for a fee, which is optional. Commercial use of the photos require specific permission from the appropriate photographer.

Official Parade photographers:

  • John F Novotnak Parade Photo Team Chair - Pocono Region
  • Trevor Novotnak -  Pocono Region
  • Susan Gratien -  Canada West
  • Greg Phillips - San Diego Region
  • Nicole Leduc - Roadrunner Region
  • Bob Lapine - Intermountain Region
  • Charles Davis - Maverick Region
  • Jean Francois Bulycz - Connecticut Valley Region 
  • Vu T. H. Nguyen - PCA National

Pictures taken by Greg Phillips:

Parade 5K Walk/Run Autocross: Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4
Parade of Porsches Rally Banquet
Victory Banquet TSD Rally
Volunteer Lunch Concours Banquet
Tech Quiz Concours: Set 1 | Set 2
Autocross Banquet Art Show Reception
Hospitality & Beer Tasting Welcome Banquet and Check-In

Pictures taken by Jean-Francois Bullycz

Pictures taken by Charlie Davis


Alpine Tour 7/10/12

Canyon Tour 7/10/12

Cayenne Guardsman Pass Tour 7/12/12

Cayenne Rennsport 7/14/12

Rennsport Tour 7/14/12 | Softer Version of Rennsport

Concours day provided by Parade Chair, Susan Brown